Eye Color
Red, Blue in the show and others colors
Skin Color
Rabbids are the titular protagonists and former antagonists of the franchise that has spawned various party games. They are rabbit-like creatures with bug-eyes and a seemingly small mouth that opens almost disturbingly widely whenever thay suffer a strange adrenaline rush, which causes their eyes to turn to red and let out their trademakrk scream. They are very, dimwitted, and eccentric and do not need air. They are the main characters of Rabbids Invasion.

Episode AppearancesEdit

Season 1Edit

Omelet Party

Rabbid Mollusk

Rabbid, Are You There?

Stop! No More!


  • Chickens
  • Eggs
  • Baby Chicks
  • Cows
  • Starfish
  • Octopus
  • Humans

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